Everyone wants to know, "Who am I?" Yet, the same question in the mind of a person who has been adopted is relentless. For some adoptees, this question will never be answered, and still, others may never want to know. June Purifoy has always been an inquisitive person. If she needs to know who, when, where, what, and most importantly why she will ask a question without hesitation. 

Despite the love and care she received from her adoptive parents, nagging questions about her "real" parents increased their intensity with every passing year. She wanted - no - she needed to know about the missing pieces in her biological history. If you've ever felt abandoned or discarded allow June to share her quest for true connection, and you'll be amazed at how God can sustain you through each challenge, as you discover the answer to the most pressing question of all.


Title: The Question Inside of Me: An Adopted Daughter's Quest for Connection

ISBN: 978-1-933972-47-3



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