Believers often joke about not asking for patience because the King James Version of Romans 5:3 says, “tribulation worketh patience.” Gwendolyn Singleterry’s life is more than a testament to the reality that trouble comes to every life. She demonstrates that even when some of that trouble is self-inflicted, through the accidental or malicious acts of others, or simply because of the fallen nature of mankind, it is better to learn, grow, and mature through it, instead of always attempting to avoid it.


By sharing seven of the lessons she learned during her trials, she encourages others to prosper through adversity during their own journeys. When those lessons teach us the value of trusting God, no matter how horrific life becomes, we would do well to remember and take notes.


Title: Prospering Against Adversity with Patience and Forgiveness

ISBN: 978-1-933972-46-6



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